Bespoke Homes & Construction Services in Cornwall

New Builds

We are experienced in building properties from the ground up, including demolition of existing. Our skill set has enabled us to build contemporary and traditional homes alike, always incorporating our energy-saving ethics. We can get involved at any stage from preplanning if required, to a set of drawings and a greenfield or brownfield site. We usually provide project management ourselves, liaising with the architect. We have also, on occasion, worked alongside appointed project managers.

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Eco Builds

Keybuild has earned a reputation for the attention to detail required to build a genuinely future-proof home. With the right techniques and materials, modern eco-homes can achieve little or no utility bills and consequently have a very low impact on the environment. If your dream is to build a home like this, we can help you find the right architect and bring your project to fruition.

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With building land at a premium, remodelling an existing property has become increasingly popular. Keybuild has extensive experience in this field, which is useful when trying to predict possible problems. If the right designer is employed with good vision, it’s amazing what can be achieved. If you are planning a remodel, it is advantageous to involve your builder at the same time as the architect. Keybuild can provide you with the insight needed to understand the cost implications of large, structural changes.

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We can bring your much loved old building back to life with traditional building methods, or equally incorporate contemporary design. Some of our most successful projects have combined the two, to great effect.

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Whether it’s a growing family, a new hobby or simply that change you always meant to make when you bought the place, extensions can change the way you live without changing location. They are a fantastic way to breathe new life into your home. Keybuild are always happy to help you realise your vision.

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