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Quality Driven. Eco Enhanced.

At Keybuild, quality is our watchword. If we’re not proud of what we have done, it is not worth doing! Customer and craftsman satisfaction means everyone involved feels invested in the project. The innovation and attention to detail needed to build a modern eco-home has enhanced our quest for that perfect finish.

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Like any good building, Keybuild has solid foundations. We did not just spring up overnight, but have grown with time and experience. Matt Rodwell started Keybuild with his best friend Jim 14 years ago. Two years later Jim left to start his own company (they remain best friends). Matt soon found that if he applied principles of quality, good communication and reliability, work would follow.

In the last 12 years, Matt has built his team, dedicated to quality and capable of delivering complex, bespoke designs.

Why Us

Keybuild is a ”can-do” company. If you want positive thinkers and problem-solvers, then we should be delivering your project. We have worked on cob-built coaching inns, granite barns, conventional block homes, steel frame eco-homes and completely timber structures.

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Attention to Detail

Getting the finer things right is essential to the overall feel of a quality build. Often the smallest things make the biggest difference.


First and foremost you need to trust your builder. A large project is a daunting prospect for a customer. We encourage a team approach, with client, architect and builder all working together to achieve a common goal. At least half of our work is for people who do not live permanently in the property. We appreciate this is a massive leap of faith, but our customers find they can rely on us to treat their house and belongings with the utmost respect.

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Sustainability / Future Proofing

With the growing threat to our beautiful planet and the soaring costs of utilities, building sustainable homes has never been more appropriate. Keybuild is experienced in building the most up-to-date, energy-saving homes. These use many specialist materials and techniques. When all the best principles are applied, we can achieve a wonderful home with almost no ongoing energy costs. Similarly, we have incorporated many future-proofing features into our more conventional builds. This achieves a much more efficient home with very low energy requirements.

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Reputation is everything to Keybuild. Its dedicated team of craftsmen strive for the highest standards. We always remain approachable, so that customers feel comfortable with their project. To maintain a living in such a competitive industry, it is imperative to keep our standards high and make sure our customers are happy with the product. They have been known to throw a party in celebration of all the hard work! Please click here to read testimonials from past customers.

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Keybuild projects have been featured twice in ‘Build It’ magazine. One of our eco-builds was nominated for the South West Sustainability awards.

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